Did You Know?

  • Overland flooding is not generally covered by any home insurance policy however, coverage for some other causes of flooding can be purchased for an additional premium. Check your policy and talk to your insurance broker to find out if you're covered.
  • Make sure downspouts extend at least six feet from your basement walls and drain away from your house toward the street or backyard. Clear eaves troughs of leaves and debris each year in late fall.
  • Backflow or backwater valves can prevent sewage in an overloaded main sewer line from backing up into your basement. The valve automatically closes if sewage backs up from the main sewer. Be sure to check it routinely to ensure it is working properly.
  • Roof maintenance is a great way to protect against flooding. Make sure your asphalt roof shingles are not worn or curling. If you notice icicles forming regularly along your eaves in winter have an insulation contractor check your insulation.

After Hours Emergencies

Emergency Claims Numbers

Aviva: 1-866-692-8482
Echelon: 1-800-235-8784
Economical: 1-800-501-2444
Elite Insurance: 1-800-590-5003
Intact: 1-866-464-2424
Portage Mutual: 1-902-835-1054
RSA: 1-800-319-9993
Travelers Canada: 1-800-565-1322
Wynward: 1-800-290-0886